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About Us

Our Team

Jackson here! I founded JNB Auto Detailing back in May of 2016 with the simple goal in mind to be the best at what I do and to love doing it. Growing up, I had a fascination with anything that had wheels on it. This eventually turned into a love for cars as a teenager. I knew that I wanted to work with cars as a job, but didnt know where to start at such a young age. This led me down later in life to start my own detailing company. This decision sparked a fire in me and made me realize that anything you commit yourself to is possible through hard work and patience. Today, I am proud to serve an exceptionally large client base, trusted with the finest automobiles in the industry. 

Jackson Brinkley

Mitch grew up as a gear head right from the start. As a young kid, Mitch was a professional kart racer and won numerous events. As the karting days came to an end, his imagination began to take over. Anything mechanical that came into his mind, he would find a way to build it. Today, Mitch has extensive knowledge in the automotive industry and his work ethic and determination has led him to become apart of our team. Mitch currently studies mechanical engineering at Western Carolina University.

Mitch Goldfarb

Our State-of-the-Art Mobile Van, Right to Your Door

We come fully equipped to serve any of your needs. Anything from simple vehicle maintenance, to full paint corrections and ceramic coatings. We are ready for any task presented to us.

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